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May 25


I’ve been awfully quiet around these parts lately. It’s mostly because I’ve had my mind on things I wasn’t ready to talk about yet, and I was so preoccupied I couldn’t really write about anything else. Also, I wasn’t sleeping at all, so I was feeling pretty useless. In the last few weeks I gave my notice at Zap2it, took a whole bunch of meetings about potential writer’s assistant gigs, landed a job I wanted so badly I sat down in the grass and cried all over my dog when I found out I got it, worked away on my book, went to NYC for my last upfronts, obsessively read every terrible thing strangers on Tumblr had to say about me/my writing/my integrity/my body/my personality, made an attempt at having a social life just to see what it’s like … my head was kind of spinning.

Anyway, everything’s good now. I’m so excited (and, like, insanely nervous) to start my new job. I’ve got a lot to learn, but I don’t think there’s a better place to do it than in “The Originals” writers’ room. Obviously, I won’t be talking about it much on these here internets because my brain is about to become a locked-up vault of secrets, but I could not be happier about this new adventure.

That said, I wanted to say how much I loved Zap2it. My bosses there took a chance on me when I had very, very little experience and they really gave me the freedom to develop a voice and a strong point of view. There were a lot of people who didn’t like my style — journalists openly tweeted about the fact that I wrote like schoolgirl with a crush, or name-dropped too much, or whatever. Someone said I (a TV blogger!) gave all female journalists a bad name. But Rick & Brill at Zap2it were always really supportive of my silly, weird, fangirly style, and I’m always going to be so grateful to them for that. They easily could’ve told me to tone it down and they didn’t, and in the end I’m really proud of my body of work at Zap. Even the schoolgirly crushy stuff. I’m going to miss it.

Anyway, I’m back to blogging. Now that I’m done at Zap, this is going to serve as my outlet for my pop culture obsession, so. Get ready, boys and girls.