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Jun 8

some songs for june

1. Matt Nathanson – Sky High Honey
i bet you’re laughing at some joke he told you
with his arm around your sunburned shoulder

2. Blu Sanders – Get In The Car
any time you think you wanna come on over, stop asking

3. Bush – Glycerine (Live, ft. Gwen Stefani)
couldn’t love you more
you’ve got a beautiful taste

4. Hunter Hayes – Somebody’s Heartbreak
if you’re looking to be somebody’s just friends
little laughing little loving never calling again

5. Speechwriters LLC – Naked & Stoned
i’ve been searching for something in the mouths of strangers  

6. Demi Lovato – Without The Love
you try to take me home like you’re dimaggio
it’s such a joke

7. Dame – Sugar Muffin
i don’t wanna see the color of her silky hair
i don’t wanna know she gets him there

8. Hunter Parrish – Sitting at Home
it’s all the places you take me
when we’re just here sitting at home

9. Brett Young – Don’t Panic
if down the road you hear me saying i love you
please don’t panic

10. Kip Moore – Mary Was The Marrying Kind
becky was a hell-raisin’ dart-throwing girl
that could match me beer for beer

11. Sara Bareilles – Brave
you can be amazing
you can turn a phrase into a weapon or a drug
you can be the outcast
be the backlash of somebody’s lack of love

12. Matt Hires – Restless Heart
pretty girls come from the ugliest places
you come from the worst of them all

13. Fall Out Boy – Save Rock and Roll (ft. Elton John)
you are what you love, not who loves you

14. Noah Gunderson – Family
say something awful, as if fucking the world is your right
and i watch you stumble drunk out into the night

15. The Killers – From Here On Out
you had us all fooled with your quarterback smile

16. Better Than Ezra – Desperately Wanting
i remember running through the wet grass
falling a step behind

17. John Mayer – Love Soon
did you expect to kiss me one time
while looking at me with the same eyes ever again?

18. The Maine – Kennedy Curse
will someone just come and take my heart
get it down in front of moving cars

19. The Neighborhood – Sweater Weather
i hate the beach but i stand in california with my toes in the sand

20. Jack’s Mannequin – Cell Phone
this girl has got a thing for my machine
and she’s gonna ring me up on my cellular phone
so i know i’m not alone in a world full of vampires

21. Jason Manns – Never Let You Leave Me
i like being with you, but i like being without you more