Feb 22

you’ve gotta hear this one song

For the last few weeks I’ve been buried under a mountain of writing. Writing is super fun when you’re feeling inspired and plugged-in and super not fun when you’re feeling insecure and fumbly. I find that the best (and only) way to snap out of a major funk is music.

 Soooo I thought now would be a great time to remind you guys (again)  about one of my faves, Dame. She’s super underrated and crazy talented, with such a unique pop-rock vibe that always feels huge and epic and anthemic. Her songs feel like some of the best female-driven tunes of the 90s, but with a really fun, relatable modern sensibility. (Who doesn’t love a good rant about seeing your ex’s new girl vomiting pet names all over his Facebook page? That is the absolute worst. Which makes Dame’s song “Sugar Muffin” the absolute best.)

It doesn’t hurt that she’s a fantastic human being too. Dame is Michelle Armstrong, who I don’t get to see NEARLY enough but who has a tendency to make my whole week better when I do bump into her at Whole Foods. Michelle and I met through her guy Matt Lauria (another one of those people who brightens up a room ridiculously), who I used to interview all the time when I was doing that TV journalism thing. When Matt introduced us at ATX Fest (more on that another day) a couple years ago, I became instantly obsessed with Michelle. Like, in a borderline weird way. She just gets it.

Download her EP, Preventions of Heartbreak, on iTunes, and just rock the hell out to it in your car. “Holy Moly” and “Sugar Muffin” are my faves. Keep an eye out on her Facebook for new stuff coming, too. I got an early listen to her new song “California” and I can now die happy. 

Here’s “Holy Moly.” This song needs to play on a TV show. Neeeeds.



Photo courtesy of Christel Robleto