Aug 26

what a ridiculous day.

My book came out today.   Isn’t that such a weird thing to be able to say?   I am not an emotionally stable person by any measure, so I basically spent today trying to work while climbing walls and having regular crying fits in my office because my friends were just so awesome, all day. Messages and flowers and calls and emails and most importantly, signal boosting. I was so overwhelmed by how much support I got from the people I love and admire.   The first week of sales for a book are important, and since I’m a first time author without a huge marketing push, I was (and am) really relying on word-of-mouth. I was blown away by the number of people who took the time to help me with that today. Being a fan is such a huge part of my identity — it has been since I passionately decided to devote my whole entire existence and every corner of my heart to JC Chasez at age eleven — and so I spend a lot of time shouting from the rooftops about the things that I think are awesome. It was pretty incredible to have a little taste of that support turned back on me today by the people that I love and admire most.   Basically… thank you. Thank you thank you thank you.   Now’s the fun part. I can’t wait to hear what you guys think of Eternal Night, so tweet me, email me, etc! I really hope you have fun reading it.   P.S. Happy national dog day! Pacey doesn’t give a shit that I wrote a book.   Double P.S. JC Chasez, I’m still here. Colton can give you my number.