Dec 2



Q: How old are you?
None of your business I’m 30 okay I’m 30 years old I’m basically dead I’m a ghost.

Q: What exactly is it that you do?
I’m a writer. I was an entertainment journalist for about five years, I’ve written a novel called Eternal Night, I write for the TV show “The Originals,” and I have a few other projects up my sleeve.

Q: Why do you use your middle name all the time?
A: Adly is my grandfather’s first name and I use it professionally because I really love him a lot. I also use it because when I first started in the business, when I googled myself, there was another Carina MacKenzie whose results appeared before mine, so I wanted to differentiate myself. Sometimes I wonder now if that other Carina MacKenzie gets really annoyed at me when she googles her name and finds, like, hate-filled rants from angry shippers defiling her dignity.

Q: Do you have any career advice for me?
I have a lot of very bad advice. If you’re interested in becoming an entertainment journalist/blogger, I wrote about that a few years ago. I also have some thoughts to offer if you’re looking to get into television writing. My journey through adulthood has been weird and twisty and difficult and involved a lot of luck and a lot of the kindness of strangers, so it’s not like I have the magic word that’ll get your foot in the door in Los Angeles, but… that’s what I’ve got for you.

Q: Can I send you my résumé? Do you know of any job openings? Do you need an assistant/intern?
No. I’m not being a jerk; I just currently have nothing to do with the hiring process and don’t feel comfortable giving out the information of those who do, because they’re already inundated. Plus, were I to hear of a specific opportunity, there’s probably someone I’ve worked with in the past or whose work I admire that I’d already want to recommend. I’m sorry! Also, I don’t need an assistant or an intern because that person would just go on Starbucks runs for me until I’m so caffeine-jacked I’m grinding my teeth and forcing you to listen to me tell stories about my childhood damage while I alphabetize my bathroom cabinet. It would be bad for all of us.

Q: [Very specific spoilery question about “The Originals”]
A: I am not the boss of that show and I can’t tell you anything. Friday nights at 8 p.m. on The CW. You’ll find out eventually.

Q: Who’s your favorite character on “The Originals”?
A: I will always advocate for Hayley’s arc. I love writing lines for Josh best. Freya’s upcoming story in Season 4 was a joy to witness. (I root for underdogs, mostly.)

Q: [Very specific mythology question about “The Vampire Diaries”]
A: I didn’t work on that show; my friends did. I was mostly just a fan. Details here.

Q: What was it like playing Aunt Jenna on “The Vampire Diaries”?
A: It was terrible. Everyone smelled weird and chewed gum really loudly. Juuuust kidding. You’re thinking of the most amazing human, Sara Canning, not me. (This is the most flattering thing in the history of the universe, but I am not in fact Sara Canning. We don’t even look anything alike in person. A blind person could tell us apart, but people on the internet are constantly congratulating me for my great work playing Aunt Jenna, and the truth is, when a TV camera is pointed in my direction I forget how to speak English and usually cry a bunch, so I would never ever ever be able to be an actor. Like, ever.)

Q: Can I get a hard copy of Eternal Night?
A: My YA novel, Eternal Night, is currently only available in e-book form — so whatever your e-book preference is, you can find it. Kindle, Nook, iBook. (It’s about a bunch of sexy twenty-somethings, mostly living in NYC, who share a secret… they’re descendants of Greek and Norse gods, and they have to restore their powers to save the world. While also falling in love and kissing and all that good stuff. Here’s more info.) If you’ve seen a hard copy floating around on Instagram, it’s because we sent out a bunch of advanced galley copies to friends and family when the book first launched. Occasionally, I’ll do contests on my Twitter to give away galleys.

Q: Are you going to write a sequel to Eternal Night?
There aren’t any plans for a sequel right now. But Warner Bros. TV does hold the option for the book, so maybe they’ll want to develop it into a television show someday, and  you can see what comes next that way.

Q: Do you have any other books in the works?
A: I had another project that was juuuust getting started as I was getting into television writing, and I had to pump the brakes on it because it turns out that writing for TV kind of consumes your entire soul. I still plan to get back to it. I’ll keep you guys posted.

Q: Do you have any music recommendations?
I totally lied and this is not at all a frequently asked question, I just wish it was, because I want everyone to listen to all the songs I tell them to listen to. Follow my instagram, I post music recs and angsty lyrics so often my friends think there’s something wrong with me. There is.

If you have any more questions, I’m mostly happy to answer them. I would be especially thrilled if I could just turn answering your question into a blog post, because I never have good ideas for blog posts. Email me anytime. (Please don’t expect a speedy response! I’m trying.)